How to Choose a Portable fan Usb Fan


Tropical weather makes you sweat a lot. Therefore, you need a fan that can work anywhere. Now, you can easily find portable fans that use battery power or are plugged-in via a USB port. The designs are also varied, ranging from mini ones, cartoon characters, hung around the neck, comfortable to hold hands, and so on.

So you can get a portable fan that is just right to carry around, first read this article. We will discuss how to choose a portable fan that is suitable for its use and provide the best product recommendations. Like what? Come on, pay attention!

How to choose a portable fan

A portable USB fan is easy to carry. However, what should be considered when choosing a portable fan? The following review is for you.

Choose a fan that suits your place and condition.

Portable fans come in various sizes and shapes. So that you are comfortable using it, choose a portable fan model that suits your needs.

The desk fan type fits comfortably on the table and is comfortable with the temperature control button.

This type is suitable for you who want to use it on a desk, such as an office desk or desk. This type of desk fan has “legs” so it can stand on the table while blowing the wind without you needing to hold on again.

For this type of fan, you need to consider whether there is a button to adjust the wind power or not. If the wind power cannot be regulated, it could even make your document fly. It might also be that the fan noise is too noisy so it can’t be used in a quiet place like a library. Therefore, if you are likely to use this type of fan outside the house, make sure there is a button to control the wind power as well.

Which type of battery you use.

Portable fans with batteries are quite popular models. If the battery suddenly runs out, you can immediately buy it instead at the convenience store or grocery store so that this type of fan is comfortable to carry while traveling.

If you often use a portable fan, replacing the battery requires a higher cost. Therefore, a portable fan with a battery is more fitting for you who use it at certain times.

The type of USB that must be connected to a laptop, smartphone or power bank

If you often use a laptop or computer for work, you can use a USB type portable fan. The power source for this type of fan is obtained by plugging it into the laptop’s USB port, smartphone, and power bank and no longer needs a power outlet. As long as you bring your laptops, smartphone, or power bank, you can use this fan easily anywhere.

However, if you usually connect the mouse when using a laptop or computer, make sure there are more USB ports to plug in this fan.

An efficient and economical type of rechargeable

This type is very efficient and economical to use because the batteries can be refilled. It does not cost much; this type of fan is suitable for you who are very dependent on the fan when the weather is hot. Of course, you cannot use this fan when the battery is empty. Therefore, make sure how long the fan can operate after the battery is fully charged.

Read user reviews for fan noise.

The amount of fan noise, when turned on, is also one of the points you should consider when choosing a fan. Now there are models of portable fans that are not noisy when used. So, check the sound produced before deciding to buy it. You can also check these video to choose a USB fan



Although this point is essential, rarely does anyone write down correctly how much sound to produced when the fan is turned on. The solution, you can try turning on the fan if you want to buy it in a store, or read user reviews if you’re going to buy it through an online shop. It’s recommended that you choose a fan that provides a quiet description on the product description.

Pay attention to safety, comfort, and other points.

So that you can use the fan comfortably, pay attention to product safety, ease of carrying, product durability, and the portable fan design that you like.

If you want to use children, choose a safe with a soft propeller.

When you buy a portable fan, choose the type that is safe to use even for small children because the fan blades can be dangerous. If the propeller is soft, you don’t need to worry about getting hurt when you accidentally touch it. Also, choose a fan structure that can prevent overcharging and overheating. This is to avoid short-circuiting so that it will remain safe if your child accidentally touches it.

If you want to use a desk fan type, you should choose a weight that is rather heavy to be more stable. As to the kind that is held and hung on the neck, it would be better if the pressure is lighter to make it more comfortable and easy to use. There is also a portable fan model that can be folded into more compact, so it is easier to carry. So, also consider the size, yes!

If your portable fan doesn’t have a lid, keep the fan inside the pouch so that the blades don’t get damaged quickly.

Design is also essential, you know! Choose what you like

The choice of design is also essential because you will use a portable fan in public places. There are so many exciting designs for you to choose, so choose the design that you like the most.


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