5 Tips on How to Find Top Rated Painters in Your Area

If you’re about to renovate at home, and you’re looking for professional interior or exterior painters, you need all the information you can get to find the best ones. Learn more about this industry here.

Even though most people will think that this is an easy task, it’s not. You need a lot of research and digging through the internet to find out who’s the most reliable and which one has the best reputation. Only those with rocking reputation should make it on your list.

To do this, you need to use a few online apps and methods that will do the job. We’re here to share some tips with you about what is the best way to do it. Follow up if you want to learn everything about this process.

1. Use Google Maps

The first and crucial thing is to open Google or any other search engine if you prefer it more. On it, you’ll find any information that you might need.

Since we need local painters, it’s best to use the Maps app. On it, all the local businesses will be displayed. If they are not listed on Google, it means you don’t need them. Every serious business should have its profile there and make themselves available for you.

The local ones will be displayed on the map next to your location. This way, you’ll easily find out who is nearby and who’s located further. If there are companies who are not in the area, it means you don’t need them. There are surely enough home painters near you that will qualify for the job.

2. Search through review pages

The next step is to find out which one is considered excellent. Customers are the ones who are the most reliable when this is the question. You need to find previous clients of the businesses you located on the map.

This can be done easily through the many review pages. Whatever is the most popular in your area can be used. Whether it be Yelp, Google Businesses, Trustpilot, or whatever it is. Just log in and search for the companies you see on the map. See more about it here: https://partners.livechat.com/blog/best-product-reviews-websites/.

You’ll notice that some are better ranking than others. Those who rank the highest are the ones you’re looking for. It means that these guys were amazing for most clients. They left most people happy, and if this is the case with them, chances are great it’s going to be the same with you.

3. Check out their portfolio and expertise

It’s not always who is listed best. You need to mind what they are good at. When you search for an interior house painter, you’re not getting different results for who’s excellent with enamel and who knows how to handle dry paint perfectly.

That’s why you must think about your needs and do additional research. This can be through their websites and portfolios. See what are they working, and what will they do best for you. If you’re looking for something else, then don’t consider them in the research.

4. Are they licensed?

License is highly important in this business. When you’re searching for top rated painters in your area, you must make sure they are licensed. Any damage or problem done by the painter will be addressed to the joint organization of local painters. That why you should ask them on the phone if they are licensed professionals. If not, find someone else.

5. Mind the negative comments

The negative comments in the review section can be crucial for you to understand who your best choice is. You might see a particular painter to be ranking amazingly high, but if you find a couple of comments in which their previous clients say the same negative issue about them, then you should think about how important this might be for you.


As you can see, the reputation of the home painters goes a long way. We displayed above what needs to be done when you’re searching for the perfect options. The reputation is crucial, but several other issues must be addressed too. Do thorough research, and be sure you’re getting the best.

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